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Share via Email A giant wooden Italian Lira coin is set on fire in Bologna during celebrations marking the changeover to the euro in While it might seem fanciful for one of the founding members to consider leaving the euro, there is a growing sense that no more than a couple of years from now, Rome will once again be administering its own currency.

Figures last week revealed a country in deep crisis.

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All efforts to revive the economy have failed, such is full italy currency sclerotic nature of its tax rules, business markets and labour laws. Combined, they have prevented progress to a more effective spiegazione semplice forex unencumbered by traditional subsidies and benefits.

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Meanwhile, Spain and Ireland have contrived to push through reforms, bolster their banks, and move ahead. Their savings full italy currency held in euros and all their other assets, especially their property, enjoyed a secure value in the common currency.

To leave the euro would be to court a huge drop in wealth.

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That fear appears to be evaporating. The comedian-turned-politician is promoting a petition to pull out.

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More broadly, promise after broken promise of growth has undermined support for Brussels and the European Central Bank.

Last week he was at it again. But even when a Draghi boost comes, it is unlikely to be effective.

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Italians know themselves. They need a currency devaluation.

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It is the only saviour. The Japanese have done it.

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And as the other major country funding a massive public sector debt, it looks like a good role model. Make no mistake, a return to the lira will be painful.

full italy currency

Yet it looks like something voters are willing to contemplate to stop the economy forever sliding backwards.